It is always frustrating when your home doesn’t sell. After months on the market your listing expires and your plans are put on hold. What went wrong? Why were there so few visits? What could you have done to attract potential buyers?  Is the market really slow, or is it just your house?

One piece of advice to sellers: Don’t wait for your listing to expire before asking the above questions. Don’t be a passive seller. Review your marketing strategy with your Real Estate Broker after 21 days and resolve to address any issues immediately.


So what can you do to make sure it sells this time? As a home owner there are basically 4 things you can control that will help you sell your home.

1: Choose the right broker. Make sure when you interview Real Estate Brokers for the job of selling your home that they have a pro-active strategy. Make sure that they are working actively and aggressively to sell your home. Ask how many people they speak to everyday trying to sell your home. Also, ask for references. They should be able to prove their track record.


2: Price your home competitively. Sometimes, it all boils down to pricing it right. Real Estate Brokers who are looking for properties to show to their clients know when your listing is overpriced. This is BIG! It is one of the main reasons to skip showing your home, and instead show the next home in the neighborhood.

Make sure your Real Estate Broker regularly updates you on the market behavior in your area, to see where home values are going. If your home has been on the market for 3 weeks, and there are no buyers in the horizon, do not discount the possibility that pricing could be the culprit. Be flexible with pricing, and accept that an adjustment to the asking price may be the single most important (sometimes painful) decision you will make to successfully sell your home.


3: Always make your home available for showing. There is less interest to show your home when you want 24-hour advanced notice, or when you only want to show on certain days and limited times. Know that Real Estate Brokers have to map out an itinerary for their clients on a scheduled day, and when you make it difficult for them to fit your house into their schedule, they will most likely skip your home. As much as possible, be flexible with showing times.


4: Keep your home in show condition. There are many ways to make your home more appealing to potential buyers. Simple things like making beds, getting the dirty plates in the dishwasher before you leave for work, spraying some air freshener, or putting a centerpiece or flowers on the coffee table, all help make the showing experience an enjoyable one for buyers. Curb appeal is also something to consider as this is the first and most important view that your visitor will see. Make sure it’s inviting enough to go inside.

Also, if your bathroom door is squeaky, or there is a hole on the wall, or maybe a minor leak in the faucet – fix it! It doesn’t cost much to get minor repairs done, and your home will present well to visitors.

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