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  • Alex Moosz
    Alex Moosz
    Real Estate Broker
    I understand that pricing is the most important aspect of success in selling your home. That’s why I specialize in working with clients to list their property competitively to get it sold quickly. I stay in close contact with my clients to keep them tuned-in to the market until the house is sold. Also, I negotiate offers every week so I understand how to get the best possible price and conditions for my clients. I am goal oriented and my ambition is to please. For these reasons I feel that I am the best person for the job when representing you in the sale of your next property!
  • Jeannie Moosz
    Jeannie Moosz

    As a real estate broker in the West Island and downtown Montreal area, I am dedicated to meeting the goals of my clients whether buyers or sellers. I am people-oriented and am passionate about customer service and relationships.

    My attentiveness and ability to assess people’s needs with notable ease is of great value to the sale and purchase process. I am reliable and honest and I earn the trust of my clients as evidenced by my many repeat clients. My goal is to make every transaction a very pleasant experience. I am highly organized, meticulous and customer satisfaction is my priority.

  • Alex Moosz Alex Moosz
  • Jeannie Moosz Jeannie Moosz
  • Madeleine Peirce
    Madeleine Peirce
    Administrative Manager / Client Service

    Customer service is at the root of our busi- ness. I understand that to provide high qual- ity service to our clients we need a com- bination of organization, punctuality and diligence. Therefore, my job is to make sure appointments get booked and confirmed, that listing documentation is complete and that all transactions close on time by working closely with all parties. Rest assured that from the minute I get your file until we go to the notary the sale of your home will be in good hands.

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